How well attended is your local RA?

Rich Melinn spoke to Barry Rowson this week, the Chair at Stockport Referee Society who has agreed to be a guest on one of our next episodes of the Referees World Podcast.


Based on the conversation they had, it would appear that this is a local RA which is ‘buzzing’ at the moment with an average attendance of between 70 and 80! Clearly, they have an incredibly successful formula in Stockport but how well are YOUR meetings attended?

So much can be learned and shared at these meetings, as we have discussed on previous episodes, so I am particularly keen to find out what their secret is because let’s be honest, not everyone has an attendance this healthy.

F.Y.I. we are recording again THIS COMING Tuesday, 18th November so if you have an exciting local RA, why don’t you let us know about it? You can contact us by clicking HERE.