Man Management

The Referees World Podcast
Man Management

In this episode, Darren & Rich discuss ‘Man Management’ techniques during a game. Sometimes, it can be more effective to ‘manage’ a game or certain players in order to protect your own profile.

Here is the Referees World Podcast 8 Steps to Manage:

  1. Appear confident in whatever decisions you make. 
  2. Be a good listener.
  3. Be a good communicator.
  4. Be aware of the key players.
  5. Learn how to read players’ reactions.
  6. Know all you can about the two teams and the game you are about to referee. 
  7. Have an effective pre-match.
  8. Get something for your discipline.

There are by far many more techniques and if you would like to add to the list and share YOUR style of refereeing, we would love to hear from you!

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