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Howard Webb Football Referee

The one & only, Howard Webb football referee!

Howard Webb, football referee (MBE) is our very special guest on the the most recent episode of the podcast and you can listen to both parts of this 2 part interview by clicking HERE.

We recorded this interview on a miserable Thursday night at our studios in Taunton! From experience, when you provisionally arrange a 'high profile' interview, you generally only expect to get around 20 mins of audio, but Howard was on the phone for 1 hour 16 minutes in total!

He was really open and candid about his career and I think it is fair to say, he has never really be one for wanting attention has he, but he opened up in so much detail! There is a really funny moment when he explains WHY half way through the European Cup Final in 2010 where he suddenly started to think about Alan Brazil from Talk Sport!

Click HERE to listen to the interview with Howard Webb football referee