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Tribute to Keith Buller

The Referees World Podcast is the monthly audio magazine which offers education and training for football referees of all levels. You can listen to the latest episode by clicking HERE.

keith buller

Sadly,  in January, we lost Somerset FA R.D.O. Keith Buller . . . Our thoughts are with Megan and we would like to pay tribute to Keith in this episode of the Referees World Podcast.

March 2015 pt 1

The Referees World Podcast
March 2015 pt 1


In this episode: Darren & Rich pay tribute to the late Keith Buller, Somerset FA R.D.O who sadly passed away recently and take a look at the demands of the modern day referee.

keith buller

Halifax R.A. tell us their secrets!

Following on from the success of our last episode which you can listen to again by clicking HERE, we were contacted by Halifax R.A. who wanted to tell us what they were doing!

halifax ra

We had a great chat with their secretary, Arran Williams and couldn’t believe how young the team were who hold it together! It was really refreshing to hear and is definitely worth a listen because one the ‘uphill battles’ that local R.A. is up against is the perception by many that it is a bit stuffy. You can listen to the most recent episode by clicking HERE.

You can find out what they are up to by visiting the Facebook page HERE


Referees World – New Beginnings!

First of all, can we just say a HUGE thank to those of you who have listened to the podcast from day 1 and bearing with us through the lack of episodes this year. So, what are the reasons for this?

1) Both of us (Darren & Rich who present the podcast!) have had considerable changes in both our professional and personal circumstances over the last 10-12 months which has meant that recording and production time has been limited. Let’s not forget, we do this because we love refereeing!

2) Technical issues have taken its toll along the way as well and to be honest, we are not entirely sure where it all went wrong but somehow, we lost our feed to iTunes, ALL of our listening statistics and have had to learn the art of WORD PRESS (the website platform we now use)!


Anyway, things are now back on track (we hope!) and we have to say a big thanks to Ross at RefChat for helping us along the way – he is a bit more ‘techy’ than we are!

Official banned for being sexist

You would have thought that following the Richard Keys and Andy Gray V Sian Massey incident on Sky TV that sexism towards our female colleagues would have been a thing of the past BUT you certainly wouldn’t expect that kind of thing from a refereeing colleague. If you haven’t read about this, it’s definitely worth having a read by clicking HERE.